How I Can Help Your Firm
...through a task oriented contract

1. Senior Design Principal - Special Projects
Define design philosophy, approaches, team leadership
Large scale projects / Image definition
Vision Clarification /  Future trends
Multi -office assignments

2. Design Principal - Specific Clients
Assume a role as lead client contact and design principal for projects 
where the existing contact is overloaded or problems  exist. The intent is to 
improve client relation outcome and provide successful projects.

3. Sales and Marketing Leadership
Provide consultation and leadership to specific healthcare or research facility marketing and sales initiatives
My marketing and sales efforts have created in excess of $100 million in revenue during the last 20years

4. Office Establishment / Reorganization
Assist or lead the establishment of new office locations or reorganize offices in need of new direction.
During my career I have created 3 new offices, led  firm acquisitions, and  reorganized a major A/E firm        .

5.  Create World Class Design
Work with your team to elevate  results, stimulate your team to achieve more

6.   Medical Facility Planning / Design 
work with team to plan specialized medical departments  
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